We Are Using the Services of Goldleaf Partners to Help Mange Our Lofty Retirement Goals

I stood apart from friends, coworkers, most of my neighbors and most of my family when it came to retirement goals. I wanted to retire wealthy and young. Ever since elementary school I have been putting away money and making it grow by sound financial decisions. I worked part time delivering newspapers as a young man. I cut grass, raked leaves and shoveled snow. When I started working as an employee I actively pursued retirement plans at work and own my own. Now I am using the services of Goldleaf Partners to help me manage my retirement accounts.

I am back to working for myself since I got out of college. I have my own business that my spouse and I are partnered in. We have the same retirement goals. Because of staying on track and seriously managing debt accumulation and returns on our investments we are set to retire much earlier than the standard retirement age. The nice thing is that we expect to have enough money to last through the retirement years without running out too. We have a plan that we continually evaluate to see if there are better things we can do. We combine our knowledge and the professional advice of the Goldleaf Partners.

I see that we are the exception to the trend of how many Americans are handling retirement. So much so that we keep it to ourselves. We have found that many people we know have no real plans on how they will retire from work. We know people who are working late into retirement years. Not because they want to keep working but because they have to. Though we got started early, so many of our friends and family could significantly change how they can retire by managing money correctly now. It will not happen by itself.

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