The Pakistani Elite Are Running Their Country

I came across an article the other day about feudalism in Pakistan. I was appalled at some of what I read as it seems that people of Pakistan were ultimately living in medieval times. About 95% of the population is at the mercy of the top 5% elite. According to statistics, this top 5% owns roughly two-thirds of the farmland in Pakistan. These powerful landowners are politically active and seem to be running, or manipulating, the justice system of their country. They continuously get away with corruption, domestic violence, and even murder. The peasants live in fear for their lives.

I felt extremely bad for some of the people I read about such as one woman who was married to and divorced the son of a former Governor of Punjab. After three years of marriage, she left him and claimed that he physically and verbally abused her. In retaliation to her leaving him, he visited her one day and poured acid on her face in front of her young son. She was permanently disfigured by this attack and managed to get out of the country and moved to Italy. In 2012 she committed suicide in Rome by jumping out of a building. There were no repercussions or punishment for her husband as he was one of the elite that laws obviously did not apply to.

That is just one example of the fear these people live in. This form of government justice is archaic and outdated. Hopefully, sometime in the near future, the people of Pakistan can band together and move towards a more democratic way of running things. This all makes me feel so blessed for the freedoms I have and often take for granted. I hope to see a world in the near future that treats everybody in the fair manner in which they deserve.

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