Getting an Internship is Not Hard if You Plan for It Well

I have always wanted a college degree. So, I began working toward good grades so that I could get into a great university one day. My grandfather worked at Warwick Associates for many years before he retired, and I hoped to land a position there myself. I knew I had a long road ahead of me, but it would be worth it in the end.

I met with a college adviser early on and told her where I would like to work. I further explained that if I did not land a job at the first company of my choice, I wanted a degree that would help me get my foot in the door at a similar company.

The college adviser told me that I should major in finance, and further, my minor should be in business. She also said that the university had a partnership with many companies, and that could help me land a great internship with one of their partner companies upon graduation. I signed up for school that same day, and I was very excited.

I spent the next four years with my nose in my books. I wanted to get the best grades possible. I knew that no well-known company would take me on if my CV looked lackluster at the end of four years. I made sure to join several clubs on campus that pertained to business, and I also spent a lot of volunteering so that I could put that on my CV as well.

During my last year in school, I took a class to learn how to land a job more readily. The class went over how to write up a CV that will stand out, how to sell yourself in an interview, how to dress professionally and so much. I also got online to do some more research. Within 1 month of graduating, I landed a great internship at Warwick Associates. I love the work, and I hope to be hired permanently in the future.

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