Getting an Internship is Not Hard if You Plan for It Well

I have always wanted a college degree. So, I began working toward good grades so that I could get into a great university one day. My grandfather worked at Warwick Associates for many years before he retired, and I hoped to land a position there myself. I knew I had a long road ahead of me, but it would be worth it in the end.

I met with a college adviser early on and told her where I would like to work. I further explained that if I did not land a job at the first company of my choice, I wanted a degree that would help me get my foot in the door at a similar company.

The college adviser told me that I should major in finance, and further, my minor should be in business. She also said that the university had a partnership with many companies, and that could help me land a great internship with one of their partner companies upon graduation. I signed up for school that same day, and I was very excited.

I spent the next four years with my nose in my books. I wanted to get the best grades possible. I knew that no well-known company would take me on if my CV looked lackluster at the end of four years. I made sure to join several clubs on campus that pertained to business, and I also spent a lot of volunteering so that I could put that on my CV as well.

During my last year in school, I took a class to learn how to land a job more readily. The class went over how to write up a CV that will stand out, how to sell yourself in an interview, how to dress professionally and so much. I also got online to do some more research. Within 1 month of graduating, I landed a great internship at Warwick Associates. I love the work, and I hope to be hired permanently in the future.

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Going for the Internship at Warwick Associates

Someone told me that since I was in school learning finance that I should take a look at applying for an internship at Warwick Associates. This is an industry where you want to get noticed as fast as you can. However, you do have to have the mix of talent and education. You should not take shortcuts on the education, and you should not rely too much on raw talent. Most abilities need to be tempered with education and experience no matter what it is you do. However, when it comes time to get started in what you are planning to do for a career, you need to get noticed. Continue reading

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Started Saving Up for a New Car

I think I shall have to do a bit of debt consolidation before I am going to be able to get a loan for a new car, but that is what I am getting prepared to do. I figure that I have about got to the point where it is not much use in keeping the car that I have. In fact it has close to two hundred and fifty thousand miles on it now. It has been a good car and I have kept it maintained about as well as you could manage. However there comes a time when it is no longer efficient to try to keep a car. There is always some point where stuff starts to break on it and fixing one thing after the other is not really a good option. Continue reading

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Started Working on the Finance for the House

Of course you never realize how much is involved in buying a house until you get so deeply in it that you can not see your way back to where you started out from. I have been looking to get the sort of house which would be ideal for a single person of my means. That is not much of a house obviously and I figure it will probably be no larger than my apartment is in truth. I was looking at whether or not I qualified for a USDA Home loans to be honest, though I have not a single clue what that really means. Continue reading

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We Are Using the Services of Goldleaf Partners to Help Mange Our Lofty Retirement Goals

I stood apart from friends, coworkers, most of my neighbors and most of my family when it came to retirement goals. I wanted to retire wealthy and young. Ever since elementary school I have been putting away money and making it grow by sound financial decisions. I worked part time delivering newspapers as a young man. I cut grass, raked leaves and shoveled snow. When I started working as an employee I actively pursued retirement plans at work and own my own. Now I am using the services of Goldleaf Partners to help me manage my retirement accounts.

I am back to working for myself since I got out of college. I have my own business that my spouse and I are partnered in. We have the same retirement goals. Because of staying on track and seriously managing debt accumulation and returns on our investments we are set to retire much earlier than the standard retirement age. The nice thing is that we expect to have enough money to last through the retirement years without running out too. Continue reading

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